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Grid references in the tables are also links to Ordnance Survey 1:50000 maps showing the hill, this will open in a new window. In most cases the grid ref is accurate to a 6-digit location.

For downloadable GPX hill files and online hill-logging facilities, the Links section has links to the comprehensive websites of Simon Edwardes and Phil Newby.

The major hill-list tables have a column with cross-referenced links to trips on our site that visit each hill.

England Mountains by area [ 254 ] The Nuttalls. Height 2000' Prominence 50'
Wales Mountains by area [ 188 ]

England Hewitts by area [ 180 ] The Hewitts. Height 2000' Prominence 30m
Wales Hewitts by area [ 136 ]

England Deweys by Area [ 180 ] The Deweys.
Height 500m to 609m (2000') Prominence 100'
Wales Deweys by area [ 240 ]

England Marilyns by area [ 174 ] The Relative Hills of Britain.
Prominence 500'
Wales Marilyns by area [ 159 ]

Welsh Hills 0030m-0099m [ 135 {+ 71} ] Myrddyn Phillips:- lists of sub-500m Welsh hills, Prominence 30m.
Numbers in braces {} are candidates to be surveyed.
Note: these are the original P30 lists, the first to be published on a website.
They are retained in original form for historical reference and are not current.
The Links section has the link to Myrddyn's Mapping Mountains site.
Welsh Hills 0100m-0199m [ 328 {+ 105} ]
Welsh Hills 0200m-0299m [ 436 {+ 172} ]
Welsh Hills 0300m-0399m [ 450 {+ 175} ]
Welsh Hills 0400m-0499m [ 423 {+ 104} ]

Y Pellennig - Remotest Welsh Hills - All of Wales [ 166 ] Myrddyn Phillips & Aled Williams lists of the remotest Welsh hills.
Prominence 15m.
Distance from a public road at least 2.5km.
Y Pellennig - Remotest Welsh Hills - Mainland Wales [ 124 ]

Scotland Munros (alphabetical) [ 282 ]
Scotland Corbetts (alphabetical) [ 222 ]

Supersummits - < All UK > [ 110 {+ 9 Metric} ] UK hills ranked by distance from the nearest higher ground - a measure of their domains. The distance must be at least 10 miles and the height 1000'.
A few extra hills arise from metricated figures of 15km and 300m - these are appended and prefixed by the letter M.
Supersummits - Scotland - Highlands [ 38 {+ 3 Metric} ]
Supersummits - Scotland - Lowlands [ 17 {+ 2 Metric} ]
Supersummits - Scotland - Islands [ 16 {+ 2 Metric} ]
Supersummits - England [ 26 {+ 1 Metric} ]
Supersummits - Wales [ 13 {+ 1 Metric} ]

Other lists

Birkett fells (Lakeland 1000'+) (alphabetical) [ 541 ]
Wainwrights by book volume [ 214 ]
Wainwrights Outlying fells by area [ 104 {+ 12 nameless} ]


Since the Outlying Fells book is walk-oriented rather than peak-oriented, producing an accurate list of summits is more complicated than would first appear. Many would say it is not even appropriate, a good point - again we did it only because of the Hillwalkers Register.

The original Turner list had the 102 named summits but not the 12 nameless ones. We have added 2 more tops that are explicitly mentioned in the book but are not in the Turner list (St. John's Hill and Newton Fell South). The various lists are also in need of revision due to errors, some typographical and some where the compiler has misread the map both in heights and grid references. To make matters worse there is a prevalent insistence on using the original heights from the book, some of which are now known to be way off.

In our Outlying Fells list, all disputed grid references and heights we know about have been checked with the Memory-Map Navigator (MM) 1:25000 OS Map, and these rules applied:-


The Mountains of England & Wales 'The Mountains of England and Wales' is a two-volume publication by John & Anne Nuttall that describes walks covering all these mountains.
Publisher: Cicerone Press.
Volume 1: Wales -ISBN: 1852843047
Volume 2: England - ISBN: 1852840374

The Relative Hills of Britain The Marilyns are from 'The Relative Hills of Britain' by Alan Dawson.
Publisher: Cicerone Press.
ISBN: 1852840684

See the Links section for their sites and more information.

The Deweys are from 'Mountain Tables' by Michael Dewey.
Publisher: Constable
ISBN: 009474520X

The Supersummits are from an article 'Backyard Everests' by Bernard Beal.
We have updated some of the original heights to match those in Alan Dawson's 'Relative Hills of Britain', but we have not checked the remaining heights as we don't have the information.
Note:- If you have not seen this list before, you might try predicting some of the hills before you look at the tables. An easier exercise is to cover up the right-hand half of the tables so that only the Supersummits are shown, and then try working out from memory the location of the nearest higher ground - it's a good test of your hill knowledge.