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Martin Mere 1 day / 5miles (8km)

Date: 19 Jan 2020

Day 1Martin Mere5miles (8km)

A few photos from a half-day walk around Martin Mere, four of the five miles being the return walk from Burscough Bridge rail station.

Countless times over the years we have passed the Martin Mere sign adjacent to the M6, vowed to visit the site and never did. We recently joined the WWT (Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust) and finally travelled to Burscough Bridge by train for a visit.

The journey up was in thick freezing fog that fortunately cleared quite soon after our arrival. It wasn't easy to get good pictures with a compact, but the twitchers were out in force with serious photographic kit set up in the hides.

Whooper Swan
Whooper Swan (19 Jan 2020__10:28:51)
View from the Harrier hide
View from the Harrier hide (19 Jan 2020__11:34:12)
The Harrier hide
The Harrier hide (19 Jan 2020__11:36:25)
Crowned Cranes
Crowned Cranes (19 Jan 2020__11:59:57)
Black Swan
Black Swan (19 Jan 2020__12:03:21)
View from Raines hide
View from Raines hide (19 Jan 2020__12:36:47)