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Bridgewater Way, TP Trail & Carrington Moss 1 day / 17miles (27km)

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Date: 30 Mar 2021
Start: / Finish: Altrincham.
Maps: Explorer 277.

Day 1Bridgewater Way, TP Trail & Carrington Moss16.7miles / (26.9km)
TP Trail

A few pictures from another lockdown restricted day walk from the door, this is a variation on the Bridgewater canal / Carrington Moss theme taking a longer route around the northerly fringes of the Moss to skirt the Carrington chemical plant.

Today was the hottest March day since 1968 and it showed in the numbers of people out and about: loads of walkers, cyclists and quite a few horse riders. The butterflies were out in force too, a spectacular number for March including Brimstones, Peacocks, Tortoiseshells and Orange-tips.

At the northerly edge of Carrington Moss, the right-of-way along the southern edge of Shell Pond nature reserve was not accessible from the eastern end near the MUFC facility, it was taped across and enforced by the guard in the cabin. Instead we took the track south, west and north to gain a peek at the western end but it was barely worthwhile, only glimpses of the lake and birds were possible through the bordering trees and security fence. The loud cries of the birds could easily be heard though.

This northerly region of the Moss was almost deserted, a pleasant change from the crowds before on the BW and TPT.

Day 1 - Bridgewater Way, TP Trail & Carrington Moss

Swan Pool
Swan Pool (30 Mar 2021__10:18:19)
Narrowboats & cormorant surfacing
Narrowboats & cormorant surfacing (30 Mar 2021__10:53:55)
Wide boat
Wide boat (30 Mar 2021__11:08:40)
TP Trail & celandines
TP Trail & celandines (30 Mar 2021__11:31:44)
Mersey Bridge
Mersey Bridge (30 Mar 2021__12:18:08)
Carrington Moss reclaimed bogland
Carrington Moss reclaimed bogland (30 Mar 2021__14:20:20)
Carrington Moss trig point
Carrington Moss trig point (30 Mar 2021__14:24:50)
Chemical storage tanks
Chemical storage tanks (30 Mar 2021__14:41:22)
Sinderland Brook
Sinderland Brook (30 Mar 2021__15:23:16)