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Trails 30 Walk & Run / 1 day / 30 miles (48km)

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Start / Finish: Parsley Hay. Car park.
Maps: Outdoor Leisure 24 White Peak.

Day 1Trails 30 Walk & Run30 miles (48km)

Note:- Omitting the small northern loop to Monyash reduces the distance to 22.5 miles (36km).

Day 1 - Trails 30 Walk & Run

This route is a different type of outing that we have occasionally used in wet winter months, when the high ground is misted out and most of the White Peak is a slithering mud bath (well, mud if you're lucky!).

The area has two continuous trails that were created from disused railway lines, the Tissington Trail (TT) and the High Peak Trail (HPT). These are great for cycling and great for running but poor for walking, suffering from the same problems as canal walks, i.e., long straight flat stretches that go on for ever like those never-ending corridors in a horror movie where the end gets further and further away. After a few miles of this one begs for a stile to climb just to exercise some different muscles. However an enjoyable training day can be made by a walk-and-run, where we basically mix running/jogging with walking along the trails, varying the mix as we go and trying to run as much as we can. This is a particularly long example but many shorter routes can be devised on the trails.


Saucony Kyotee off-road running shoes (with Goretex socks) - the shaped studs give excellent grip in the wet.

Karrimor Kimm - the legendary ultra-light daysack that clings like a turtle shell and is very stable.

Lowe Alpine lightweight Dryflo base layers - superb performance and wicking.

Pertex windshells.

Ron Hill lightweight tracksters - what else?.