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Vale of Llangollen / 3 days / 36 miles (58km)

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Date: 02 Sep 2002
Start / Finish: Trevor.
Maps: Explorer 255 Llangollen & Berwyn and Explorer 256 Wrexham & Llangollen.

Day 1Eglwyseg Mountain, Worlds End & Cyrn-y-Brain11.1 miles / 2900 feet (17.9km / 883m)
Day 2The Llantysilio Ridge & Moel Fferna11.2 miles / 3010 feet (18.0km / 917m)
Day 3Vivod Mountain & Y Foel13.4 miles / 320 feet (21.6km / 97m)

A backpack around Llangollen including 2 Marilyns, Cyrn-y-Brain 565m and Moel y Gamelin 577m.

Day 1 - Eglwyseg Mountain, Worlds End & Cyrn-y-Brain

From Trevor we took the Offa's Dyke path (ODP) to 241430 and left it R to ascend above Eglwyseg plantation and curve N. There is no edge as such, but by following paths on the high ground we arrived at a main path on Eglwyseg Mountain and branched R on a thin path to the cairn on the heathery top. Heading NE we reached a track at the top of the partially felled forest around World's End. Descending W steeply down the footpath, the white cliffs with their tenacious conifers come into view. Arriving at the minor road the ODP is joined again SW on an excellent path below the cliffs. Leaving it R on the footpath at 220463 to the lane another path continues around Gribin N & NW to join the access track to Cyrn-y-Brain, where the summit is to the L of the track. Continuing NE along the ridge we arrived at the lower trig point by Sir Watkin's Tower, a small untidy heap of stones.

Castell Dinas Bran from Eglwyseg edge path
Castell Dinas Bran from Eglwyseg edge path (02 Sep 2002__10:40:27)
Heather fields on Eglwyseg
Heather fields on Eglwyseg (02 Sep 2002__11:26:01)
Precarious conifers on Worlds End cliffs
Precarious conifers on Worlds End cliffs (02 Sep 2002__13:12:03)
Craig Arthur
Craig Arthur (02 Sep 2002__14:08:10)
Eglwyseg cliffs from approach to Cyrn-y-Brain
Eglwyseg cliffs from approach to Cyrn-y-Brain (02 Sep 2002__15:23:28)

Day 2 - The Llantysilio Ridge & Moel Fferna

Returning to the access track in thick mist we descended SW to the A542 and noticed The Ponderosa cafe along the road. This has public toilets but they are only open during cafe hours, which today was 09:00. Having time in hand we waited for it to open and give the mist a chance to clear. Ascending SW towards the ridge on one of several tracks,we joined the main broad track that switchbacks over Moel y Gamelin, Moel y Gaer and Moel Morfydd then descends to the lane at Bwlch y Groes. Heading W & SW on a track, as the bridleway began to descend we left it and veered right towards the field boundary ascending a little to a gate and continued SW down to another gate. Turning L and after a short way sharp R we joined the footpath SW that emerges on the lane E of Carrog at 120438. Crossing Pont Carrog to Llidiart y Parc we took the main lane due S through the houses to join the track on the E side of the stream which is now waymarked all the way to the open fell. We collected reasonable water from a small streamlet just before the forest ends. Ascending S on a track, a path heads off through the heather from the 500m contour directly SW for the summit of Moel Fferna.

The summit of Moel Morfydd
The summit of Moel Morfydd (03 Sep 2002__12:31:00)
Descending to Carrog
Descending to Carrog (03 Sep 2002__13:42:42)

Day 3 - Vivod Mountain & Y Foel

From the fence SE of the summit a good path leads E to the forest and along the edge, then climbs to Vivod Mountain. Descending E to a junction of tracks, the one heading SE got us partly up the slopes of Y Foel but it veered off and the other candidate ESE along the boundary was no better, so it was a case of thick trackless heather the rest of the way to the trig point. This was a surprisingly good viewpoint for so few contours. The right of way E does have a thin path which is clear enough most of the way to the forest, then joins the lane. From here we followed the same route as the previous trip - E on the lane to Fron Uchaf above Froncsyllte and joining the Offa's Dyke Path to Trevor.

Sunrise from Moel Fferna
Sunrise from Moel Fferna (04 Sep 2002__06:37:00)