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Around Ladybower / 1 day / 16 miles (26km)

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Date: 09 Jan 2004
Start / Finish: Fairholmes, 172892. Free car parks along the valley road. The large main car park is pay&display.
Maps: Outdoor Leisure 1: Dark Peak.

Day 1Around Ladybower16 miles / 3300 feet (26km / 1005m)

A circuit of Ladybower reservoir taking in Abbey Clough, Derwent Edge and Win Hill then returning via Lockerbrook, a perennial favourite day walk for winter. Very easy walking throughout.

Day 1 - Around Ladybower

Derwent dam was tumbling with a loud roar after the recent rain as we climbed the path to the eastern dam tower and the lakeside track. Passing the footpath sign at Walkers Clough, which is the more direct but less interesting way up, we continued on the track to the path up Abbey Brook. Ascending to a gate, the lower L path climbs gradually up the valley. Crossing the ravine of Cogman Clough and curving into the enclosed upper reaches of Abbey Clough, there is a beautiful area of deeply incised clefts. Climbing round to the R to meet the repaired path near the topograph on Lost Lad, a short climb brought us to the trig point on the rocks of Back Tor.

Derwent reservoir
Derwent reservoir (09 Jan 2004__08:44:54)
Upper Abbey Clough
Upper Abbey Clough (09 Jan 2004__09:45:42)
Back Tor
Back Tor (09 Jan 2004__10:25:32)
Approaching Ladybower
Approaching Ladybower (09 Jan 2004__11:59:54)
Ladybower reservoir
Ladybower reservoir (09 Jan 2004__12:30:36)
Derwent Edge from Win Hill
Derwent Edge from Win Hill (09 Jan 2004__13:33:49)

We managed one photo from the edge before the hail started, which was light but driven by a strong wind and persisted all the way along Derwent Edge. The boggy bits of the edge path are paved and we made rapid progress until the hail stopped at Whinstone Lee Tor, but we were unable to get any photos of the rock formations. The path eventually descends to the A57 by the pub. Crossing the viaduct, a footpath descends R to meet the lane at the foot of Win Hill, where the sun came out for the steep climb of just under 1000' up the wooded Parkin Clough. At the rocky top, history repeated itself as we took one photo and the wind and horizontal hail started, but stronger and heavier this time and lasted as far as Hope Cross. Descending through the plantation to Haggwater Bridge, this left one more ascent to Lockerbrook farm and the path down to Fairholme.