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Around Windermere / 2 days / 44 miles (71km)

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Date: 11 May 2004
Start / Finish: Heathwaite, Windermere. Roadside parking S of the Post Office, GR416977.
Maps: Explorer OL 7: English Lakes South East.

Day 1Windermere East22 miles (35.4km)
Day 2Windermere West22 miles (35.4km)

A low-to-mid level circuit of Lake Windermere including some of the outlying fells. The footpaths are well signed throughout and easy to follow.

This route turned out to be a good choice for the conditions, especially on Day 2. Despite the high pressure it was one of the thickest and murkiest days we can remember, and from Rawlinson's Nab we could barely see the east side across the width of the lake. In compensation there were fine and extensive displays of bluebells in the attractive woodlands.

Day 1 - Windermere East

Fells visited:- School Knott, Grandsire, Brant Fell, Newton Fell, Bigland Barrow.

Finsthwaite Heights was not accessible from the High Dam path at any point on our route. Near the tarns there is a fence with thick forest beyond on the summit slopes. As the day was getting very late, we grudgingly pitched in woodland above High Dam, which gave virtually no airflow in the tent but was otherwise quite a good spot. There had been various opportunities through the day to replenish water.

School Knott tarn
School Knott tarn (11 May 2004__08:31:30)
View from Brant Fell
View from Brant Fell (11 May 2004__10:00:53)
Birkett Houses Allotment Tarn
Birkett Houses Allotment Tarn (11 May 2004__11:39:33)
Simpson's Ground reservoir
Simpson's Ground reservoir (11 May 2004__14:25:36)
Bluebells and new leaves
Bluebells and new leaves (11 May 2004__16:34:32)
Back Reddings Allotment Tarn
Back Reddings Allotment Tarn (11 May 2004__17:28:53)
High Dam and Canada Geese family
High Dam and Canada Geese family (11 May 2004__19:44:34)

Day 2 - Windermere West

Fells visited:- Claife Heights, Latterbarrow.

From the High Dam National Trust boundary at 363889, we took the concession path NW that arrives at the lakeside road a little S of the YMCA Centre, around 373896.

From the Claife Heights path junction at 384972, we followed the White Post route for Latterbarrow. There are posts at very frequent intervals in the forest and you just need to keep faith!.

Reflections in High Dam
Reflections in High Dam (12 May 2004__06:38:36)
Misty tarn on Claife Heights
Misty tarn on Claife Heights (12 May 2004__11:22:17)
Misty view from Skelghyll Lane
Misty view from Skelghyll Lane (12 May 2004__16:04:38)