Western Arenigs 4-day backpack

Pitch on Moel OernantA 4-day trek through the western Arenigs from Trawsfynydd to Dolgellau, revisiting some hills and lakes from years ago, some we skirted on more recent trips and picking up one new summit. The route explores some new territory and approaches to connect the sections in the northern half.

Another route designed for a summer bank holiday, an Arenigs trek will always fit the bill, mostly deserted especially on some of these tops via these approaches. This was intended as a 3-day route but, not wanting to travel back on a bank holiday Monday, I decided to stay another night and make the last two days a very relaxed slackpacking experience. The northern half involves a great deal of trackless terrain: in many parts of the Arenigs this, along with solitude and a feeling of wild remote Wales, is what you sign up for!.

Unfortunately I had a camera mishap near the start of the first day: somehow I must have unseated the memory card. At the end of the day in the dimmer light, I saw that the camera was showing a warning "NO CARD", but it still went through all the motions and fired the shutter even with nowhere to store the picture. I fixed the problem but all the previous shots from the day were sadly lost.

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