After a long hiatus involving moving home and refurbishment, the blog is resurrected.
The old blog was based on ancient insecure code, some of it deprecated and causing problems with our web server. We abandoned it and started afresh with an up-to-date WordPress core and a new hand-carved theme.

I preserved the old blog archives that proved to be useless but in a moment of ruthlessness I deleted the old SQL database, removing the only record of my old Blogroll. I’ve partially reconstructed it manually from my RSS aggregator but a few are bound to be missing – let me know if yours is absent. I’ve tested the new blog with Firefox 29.0.1 (customized – see below), Internet Explorer 10 and Palemoon 24.6.1 and all seems fine, let me know of any strange behaviour.

Note: recent versions of Firefox have really screwed up default settings for ‘zoom’ behaviour with the result that photos are inflated and look crap. I’ll make a separate post about this.

2 thoughts on “Resurrection

  1. Good to see you back Geoff, was begin to think something at happened to you,


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