Cwm Lledr circuit 2-day backpack

Pitch on Ysgafell ridgeAnother 2-day circuit around the hills forming Cwm Lledr, this time exploring the lower cwm on the eastern side and returning via Dolwyddelan Castle.

The Ysgafell Wen ridge is superb for backpackers: great mountain views, rocky knolls, grassy pitches and bejewelled with lakes, yet little trodden and often walked in solitude, due no doubt to the difficulty of devising satisfactory circuits for the typical day walker. We have done several longer backpacks in this area but this route was a short one to take advantage of a fine sunny weekend and we saw nobody until the afternoon of the second day when a group appeared on the mine track from the Crimea Pass.

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6 thoughts on “Cwm Lledr circuit 2-day backpack

  1. You had perfect photographic conditions for this one, Geoff. I’ve been meaning to backpack this area for so long, having only ever managed a couple of day walks. As you say though, it needs a couple of days to properly enjoy and explore the area.

  2. Dead right Andy, I think that whole area was tailor made for backpackers, an abundance of delectable lakes and grassy pitches. Those are trips we’ll always remember.

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