Northern Arans #4 2-day backpack

Pitch at Gwaun LydanAfter a long hiatus we decided on another short visit to the familiar territory of the Northern Arans, a typical short route ascending from the north to Aran Fawddwy and curving around over Drysgol to Gwaun Lydan. The return descends into the Llaethnant valley to reach Creiglyn Dyfi and traverses Foel Hafod-fynydd to Bwlch Sirddyn and the little used pass route through Cwm Ddu.

The warm humid air afforded only hazy views today and, being a sunny Sunday, a fair number of walkers on the usually quiet Aran Fawddwy.

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10 thoughts on “Northern Arans #4 2-day backpack

  1. Good to see you both in the hills, Geoff. I was on and around Rhobell Fawr that day, enjoying the solitude. I do love the Arans though. I remember having an hour to myself on Fawddwy summit in glorious weather back in August 2014 – not a soul about. I hope you get out again this year.
    Best wishes, Jim

  2. Thanks a lot Jim. Great to be backpacking and pitching again at last, the Arans will always lure us back. Rhobell Fawr is a fine choice for a quieter Sunday, good for pitching too.

  3. Always enjoy popping over here for a read. I know i’m a bit late but lovely walk and photo’s Geoff.

  4. Alan – it’s a Nigor Parula 2, the roomiest tent we’ve ever had and the lightest at around 1.8kg with pegs. It’s symmetrical about both axes, has doors on both sides and plenty of guying points.

  5. Yes, it’s great to see you both back Geoff, I was worried you might have given up backpacking. I too have noticed this area has become more popular in recent years. On a Saturday, three years ago, I camped on Glasgwm after walking from Llanuwchllyn. South of the Aran Fawddwy summit, I couldn’t understand why I was seeing so many walkers in this usually very quiet area. The following day I descended to Cwm Cwyarch and discovered a car park which I didn’t remember seeing in 2005 on a past visit. Perhaps that’s the reason for the increase in visitors.

  6. Hello again Steve. The pitch spot on Glasgwm near Llyn y Fign is quite a good one, although we didn’t see it at it’s best due to dank grey conditions.
    The car park in Cwm Cwyarch is the starting point for the Nuttalls walks from their book, that would add to the numbers over time. There are some obvious circular day routes from there too, unlike the northern end at Llanywchllyn.

  7. Hi Geoff
    Been catching up on blogs. Nice route, Arans are one of my favourites, all the joys of Snowdonia with none of the crowds

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