SW Nantlle hills & cwms 2-day backpack

Llynnau Cwm Silyn corrie lakeA 2-day circuit from Nebo of the mountains and little trodden cwms in the south-western half of the Nantlle ridge, a region of Wales we last visited thirteen years ago.

In our quest for new pockets of territory to explore at a slackpacking pace, we approached Mynydd Graig Goch on its north-western ridge via Llyn Cwm Dulyn, while the focus for the second day was the undoubtedly little frequented area below the crags of Craig Cwm Silyn, including the corrie lake with its companion and some nameless pools on the higher ground between Cwm Silyn and Cwm Afon Craig-las.

This short spell of warm and sunny August weather was the perfect time to experience the vibrant colours of the heather and bog vegetation, particularly on the second day below the crags when picking our way through the mixture of boggy ground, fallen boulders and heather that make this a superb fragment of wild Wales.

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3 thoughts on “SW Nantlle hills & cwms 2-day backpack

  1. Thank you for another highly enjoyable trip report, Geoff. It’s interesting to see the Nantlle ridge from the other end and Nebo is a convenient start point. Like most, I’ve only walked the ridge from the northern end, and never beyond Garnedd-goch (where I too met the black insects!).
    Last time, after a pitch close to yours, I remember making the mistake of descending the very steep side ESE of Craig Pennant and meeting the tussocks from hell on the way up to the quarry (my fault for trying to take a short cut). I’m inspired to try your approach next time.
    All the best, Jim

  2. Thanks again Jim, brilliant conditions for a slow exploration trip.
    The Nantlle ridge always was problematic. The Nuttalls in their first edition book go as far as Garnedd-goch, backtrack to Craig Cwm Silyn and drop steeply SE to Cwm Pennant as you did, then up to the quarry path. Our distant memories of it are very vague but it was fiercely steep in parts. Now that Mynydd Graig Goch has been promoted, the situation is even worse, I expect many walkers will use the 2-car method for a linear walk.

  3. The Nantlle Ridge always presents a challenge for a circular walk! Often thought a fine and very rough weekend trip would be a round of Cwm Pennant taking in the western end of the Nantlle ridge (I’ve never actually made it that far on my many attempts to circularise the ridge) and the Moel Hebog range

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