Eastern Glyderau circuit 2-day backpack

A 2-day circuit of the eastern arm of the Glyderau, approaching Bwlch Tryfan from Capel Curig via Gallt yr Ogof and Y Foel Goch and returning via Llyn Bochlwyd and the byway of Telford’s old road along the valley.

I walked this approach on my Tryfan East solo backpack in 2014, the main objective of this trip was to make that excellent tent pitch at Llyn Caseg-fraith together on a joint trip. The conditions were even better this time, two days of superbly clear and sunny weather with the last remnants of snow to spice the scenery.

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5 thoughts on “Eastern Glyderau circuit 2-day backpack

  1. Very nice trip, stunning photo’s and what fantastic weather. How lucky were you.

  2. I guess this was last weekend when I was out in the Black Mountains. A superb trek and wild site and some great photos. I wanted to to camp up there last Easter but was thwarted by a very bad forecast. It’s pretty soggy round there but I’ve noted your pitch above the lake (i reckoned there were spots amongst the rocks at the far eastern end. Interested that you have a Nigor Parula 2 seeing as I’ve just bought one and tried it out! I’m pretty impressed although I haven’t quite sussed its subleties yet, especially pitching the porches without them sagging or struggling to close the zips. Good excuse to go out and keep practising

  3. Alan – Thanks very much, a magnificent pitch. Those brilliant conditions lasted another day or two afterwards but we were well satisfied with that one-nighter.

    Andy – the strip of ground right next to the lake where I pitched last time was waterlogged, but one of the adjacent rocky ribs had a large dry flat patch where amazingly the pegs went in quite easily.
    The Parula is a great tent but the online video gives no clue about a very important aspect of the pitching: on the underside of the flysheet there are four little pockets of tough material to accomodate the ends of the top cross-poles and stop them pressing against the thin fabric. I only noticed them by chance whilst lying in the tent. Another aspect that is far from obvious until you get it wrong is that the pole assembly must be oriented with the flanges of the circular metal clip holders facing downwards to accept the circular black clips.
    As regards the zips, I hate those rain strips on the flysheet that cover the zips (my Big Agnes has them too). They always get snagged in the zip every time, I’m cutting them off.

  4. There is a path from Llyn Bochlwyd via Bochlwyd Buttress. I have ascended that way a few times. It’s fairly obvious once you get below Bochlwyd Buttress. However, as you discovered it’s not easily found in descent! Finding the start of the path to Cefn y Capel in ascent has always been a bit hit and miss for me, but it’s obvious in descent.


  5. Ian – ah right, I suspected that if a path existed, it would be be clearer once the steep descent began as people would have concentrated the line somewhat. The ascent route from Capel doesn’t really matter, it’s all easy terrain to the highest visible point and then the path becomes clear.

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