Stanhope Common 2-day backpack

Trig point on Bolt's LawA 2-day route around the moorland hills north of the attractive town of Stanhope, a new area for us, mainly on easy tracks and paths.

The outward high moorland section arcs around the moors of Stanhope Common, visiting the three Dewey 500m summits defining the high points of these rolling hills that stretch into the far distance to emphasize the vastness of the landscape.

The return section descends the Boltslaw Incline to Rookhope and joins the Weardale Way, first following Rookhope Burn to Eastgate then the River Wear back to Stanhope.

The moors are intensively managed for shooting and have a rather different character from our grouse-worrying treks farther west and elsewhere that we walked years ago. The heather is cropped and burned for a plentiful supply of new young shoots and supplemented with many grouse feeding units, a tamer and much easier landscape than those knee-deep excursions.

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4 thoughts on “Stanhope Common 2-day backpack

  1. Hi Geoff, good to see you posting again. A fine walk in unusual terrain. I see you’ve bought a Nigor Parula like me. Be interested to see what you think (I love mine, especially the light weight for a 2-person tent)

  2. Great to be out again and in a new area too.
    We used the Parula last year too, an excellent and very roomy tent for the weight with plenty of good guying points. The only thing I would mention is the all-in-one pole hub system: once extended and locked together it’s fine of course, but there are so many little sections I find it easy to get them into a real mess. The three separate poles of the old Voyagers were much easier.

  3. We used to do day walks in the area when my sister in law owned a house in Church Brough. The whole area is generally quiet, with far fewer people than the overcrowded Lake District. Whilst the risk from the firing range is minimal, it pays to be observant. I used to know someone from the Royal Artillery that was seriously injured on the range. His Landrover drove over an unexploded shell that has fallen short.

  4. Hello Ian, good to hear from you.
    I assume this comment was meant for the Warcop Fells backpack, I’ll see if I can transfer it over.
    Yes, it’s wise to be mindful of those possibilities, shells could easily lurk unseen in the roughly vegetated parts.
    The heart of the region is obviously never mentioned as a walking choice in the magazines or tourist websites (to my knowledge), it’s rough and pathless character would deter many walkers anyway.
    The only part of the Lakes that interests us nowadays is the SW quadrant around Eskdale, it’s still possible to avoid the theme park atmosphere around there.

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