Northern Mawddach Way 2-day backpack

Dawn sky at tent pitchA continuation trip to our Southern Mawddach Way (MW) backpack of September 2018 to complete the trail.

The weather was far superior to the cautious forecast, clear skies and unbroken sunshine throughout, surpassing even the very warm and highly unusual conditions on our Langdale Fells backpack of February 2008. On this trip it was decidely hot in the middle of the day and we were occasionally praying for a breeze to kick in. Our previous record of 29th. February 2004 for the earliest butterfly was also broken, we saw several peacocks and other unidentified specimens.

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2 thoughts on “Northern Mawddach Way 2-day backpack

  1. Excellent little trip. I love that part of Wales, some really tough terrain but loads of interesting little features and sights. Gorgeous views over the estuary, I guess this was in the recent spell of warm dry weather. Good to see that it’s due to rain all weekend 😢

  2. Thanks Andy, another attractive pocket of hitherto unexplored Wales for us. I just checked the forecast, yuk, very windy too.

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