Hadrian’s Wall 4-day backpack

Walton CragsA 3½-day solo training backpack of the popular Hadrian’s Wall national trail, or Hadrian’s Way as it is signed at the eastern end near Wallsend Metro station.

A weather forecast for several days of dry conditions with a persistent fresh easterly air stream gave a rare opportunity to hike it east-to-west with the wind at my back the whole way. The first day was grey and murky, no great loss since the easternmost section is largely urban, but the rest were much better than expected and mainly sunny throughout, perfect for this route that has lurked on a back burner for years.

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2 thoughts on “Hadrian’s Wall 4-day backpack

  1. Interesting route especially the start and finish sections through city and estuarine scenery. I think it’s more the idea of Hadrians Wall than the Wall itself. I spent a day on the popular stretch in the middle a few years with the kids and enjoyed it and my friend has done a short 3 day trip using hostels. Its a very unusual coast to coast route.

  2. I know what you mean, the hilly stretch just about saves it as a backpacking experience. That’s why it festered on our books for years, as a long distance route it’s not exactly top-drawer. I saved it for dry but below-optimal weather, it turned out far sunnier than expected.

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