The Dyfi Ridge 2-day backpack

Cribin Fawr pitchA backpack of the Dyfi group of hills, a little walked ridge traverse from Dinas Mawddwy in the east to the A487 summit pass in the west, returning to Dolgellau over the low hill country north-east of Gau Graig via the old restricted byway.

This route was a good choice for a predicted warm and sunny Easter weekend with hordes of walkers on more popular hills and some disruption on public transport in other areas. A noon start meant that we saw a mere handful of walkers on Maesglase and nobody else at all thereafter.

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2 thoughts on “The Dyfi Ridge 2-day backpack

  1. That’s a great route that I’ve earmarked for a backpack at some point as I’ve never done the Dyfi Ridge and they don’t lend themselves to a day walk. Any water source up there or do you have to carry it in?

  2. Thanks Andy, a much more satisfying route as a traverse (especially the big one we did back in 2007, younger and fitter days, when we did the Arans/Dyfis/Cadair traverse).
    When we realised how hot it was and how much we we were drinking, we collected very good water immediately on arrival at the first quarry at the little stream on the right SH 8536 1403. We topped up at the Maesglase waterfall stream a short way upstream from the path. Next day the first opportunity was around SH 761 138.

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