The Cateran Trail 3-day backpack

Approach to An LairigA 3-day solo backpack of the Cateran Trail waymarked circular route through Perthshire and the Angus glens in south-eastern Scotland, a varied low-to-mid level route following old tracks and drove roads used by the notorious Cateran cattle raiders in bygone times.

The original 64-mile (103km) route repeats the initial 7-mile (11km) section from Blairgowrie to Bridge of Cally on the return leg. On this backpack I took the documented alternative route variant from Alyth to Blairgowrie via Den of Alyth and Glendams, sometimes called the Drimmie Woods alternative route and signed as such in Alyth, that returns on a direct line and eliminates that lengthy repetition.

Full report & photos

4 thoughts on “The Cateran Trail 3-day backpack

  1. A good write up of what looks like a smashing backpack. The scenery is stunning.

  2. Thanks very much Alan, a very good backpack indeed in such splendid weather. An excellent balance between easy walking and broad varied views.

  3. Intriguing route through what I’m guessing is a very quiet and less-walked area. Lucky with some decent weather as well. Might be a little muddy at the moment!

  4. A few short sections of it will be extremely muddy right now!.
    Of the named trails that I’ve done I’d rank this one highly, second to the West Highland Way purely based on the route itself and scenery, disregarding the popularity and numbers usually encountered. The CT was almost deserted (we did the WHW in January, also near-deserted!).

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