CV#03 – Sinderland & Carrington Moss

Carrington Moss trig point 23mCV lockdown walk from the door #3.

This circuit uses a section of the Bridgewater Way to reach the woodland park paths following Sinderland Brook westwards to the disused rail trackbed through the Carrington estate. Good tracks enable a diversion around part of Carrington Moss before returning on the trackbed to join the Transpennine Trail by lane to Seamon’s Bridge.

Carrington Moss is a broad expanse of farmland reclaimed from peat bog that is nigh on flat as a pancake. A trig point right in the middle of it is begging to be bagged for its curiosity value alone and a lattice of good tracks enables a very pleasant walk to it.

The narrow path of the disused rail trackbed through the Carrington Estate is not maintained, not a right of way and is not endorsed by any signage, but is clearly quite well known to locals at its eastern end. West of Brookheys Farm, the trackbed is impassable but a walker path is established on the south side of the line.
The line was used by oil trains serving Carrington refinery whose extensive infrastructure can be seen from the trig point and nearby tracks.

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2 thoughts on “CV#03 – Sinderland & Carrington Moss

  1. Proving again the joy of the simpler things in life. A Trig Pillar in the middle of flat nowhere is the kind the excursion I’d look for. I find those perfectly ploughed fields quite mesmeric and often stop to look boggle-eyed at them when I’m cycling

  2. Thanks again Andy, a lovely half-day with some new paths.
    It’s not the lowest trig we’ve visited – I think that was 2m on the coast – but there is something attractive about these odd placements.

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