Western Arans 2-day backpack

Pitch at Llyn y FignFinally after more than a year of CV lockdown and an 18 months hillwalking layoff, we set off on our first backpack of 2021.

Local walks in the flatlands, some over 20 miles, have been fine for maintaining distance training but do nothing for ascent. With some apprehension we chose a reasonable mountain route to test the effects of the hiatus and that should be easy to reach by public transport without significant difficulty. This is a shorter modified version of my Aran Ridge south-west trip using the same approach from Rhydymain, a good choice for solitude for most of the route during a holiday week.

The weather was holding after a glorious bank holiday weekend but the sky turned milky, resulting in a poor flat light for most of the first day and improving on the second. A strong wind made for an interesting high pitch on Glasgwm and became a lot stronger on the main ridge.

As expected after so long away, the ascents were very slow and tiring, but this was a tonic of a backpack and a real morale booster.

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2 thoughts on “Western Arans 2-day backpack

  1. A very nice trip that. I haven’t done any of it. My tent has a similar ridge pole arrangement as yours and I have had moments like you had with the wind on the doors. I now have my walking pole to prop up the ridge pole just above the door zip. It works ok.

  2. Thanks Alan, wonderful to be in the hills again.
    The resilience of that hub structure seemed amazing, but it made us miss the old original semi-geodesic TN Voyager tent that barely moved in far worse conditions.

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