South-West Bleaklow & Kinder 2-day backpack

Pitch near Kinder DownfallA 2-day linear trek in the south-western regions of Bleaklow and the Kinder Scout plateau. The ascent to Bleaklow is via Doctor’s Gate and crossing Glead Hill to the Kinder massif via the Pennine Way to Mill Hill. The south-western edges are followed past Kinder Downfall and Kinder Low to descend via Golden Clough and Ringing Roger.

After a long and generally dismal autumn, we were quickly back to the short days of winter. A two-day promising weather window called for a simple nearby route easily accessible via public transport where we could utilize all the available daylight. The first day of this linear station-to-station trek was clear and sunny once we reached the high ground of Bleaklow, quite warm too, but the second featured thick windblown mist until midday.

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2 thoughts on “South-West Bleaklow & Kinder 2-day backpack

  1. Classic stuff and a really great route – made much easier by the paved paths and the recent transformation of conservation work up there

  2. Thanks Andy, we finally got out there and the walk was very enjoyable despite the clag.
    I generally dislike the proliferation of paving slabs in upland areas, but the extensive bogs surrounding the 2½ mile trek to MIll Hill did influence my feelings…!

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