Greenfield to Hebden 3-day backpack

Blakely CloughA 3-day trek from Greenfield to Hebden Bridge utilising a large section of the Pennine Way (PW) that includes a few fragments we have not walked before. It includes a section from our previous trip that we walked in thick blasting mist, giving a chance for some brighter photos. The route approaches via Alphin Pike and takes the high level path across Wimberry Moss and Chew Hurdles, an excellent line that we abandoned on the previous trip.

This was the first sunny spell for ages, but the strong wind on the open moors made walking arduous on the second day and the third morning suffered from early low mist before finally clearing to sunshine.

The powerful wind also made life interesting with regard to a pitch: for hills of this modest elevation, Rishworth Moor is as bleak as they come. The rolling moorland has virtually no natural shelter and the persistence of the wind downslope on the leeward side left few options.

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2 thoughts on “Greenfield to Hebden 3-day backpack

  1. That looks lime a really good route but those conditions were challenging. I was out on the Saturday in mid-Wales and the wind was ferocious (post coming soon). Impressed you found a pitch on Black Hill! Have they “repaired” it in much the same way as Kinder and Bleaklow? Last time I was on Black Hill, admittedly (over 30 years back) it was just a heaving mass of black wet peat bog

  2. Thanks again Andy.
    Goodness that wind!. We were lucky with that old quarry hollow with a flat grassy pitch.
    Many years ago we reccied Black Hill in anticipation of doing the Pennine Way (we never did) and found a few good pitch areas a short walk from the trig. We first climbed it around 1994 when the summit proudly upheld its reputation as a fearsome deep megabog, but a large percentage of the whole PW traverse is now paved.

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