Sandstone Trail 2-day backpack

Raw HeadA 2-day solo trek of the Sandstone Trail (ST) waymarked route that traverses the sandstone ridges of Cheshire between the western Peak District and the far eastern high ground of the Clwydian hills and Dee hills of Wales.

One of two Cheshire ridge trails, the other being the Gritstone Trail that I did last year, this popular walk was a perfect candidate for a short spell of excellent weather with chilly nights and warm days before Easter and the inevitable influx of walkers, also a better chance of retiring to a fairly early stealthy tent pitch. Bearing in mind the nature and popularity of path sections on the high ground of this trail, I considered my usual Big Agnes Copper Spur tent a potential risk due to its colour and instead dug out my 15-year old forest-green TN Laser Competition (never has an item of gear engendered such simultaneous feelings of love and hate!).

The two principal sections of sandstone edge walking were most enjoyable and offered good views and plenty of lovely woodland. There are also two long sections of typical Cheshire field rambling between farms that were pleasant enough in these warm and dry optimum conditions, but after significant rain these would often be extremely muddy. The trail is plentifully signed with the ST logo, but there are often other paths in the vicinity and you still need to keep your wits about you at times.

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4 thoughts on “Sandstone Trail 2-day backpack

  1. Thanks Alan, it’s many years since our only walk around the Peckforton Hills.
    The timing and conditions were perfect for this return.

  2. I keep meaning to put some walks in this area. Both the edges above Frodshama and the hills around Beeston and Peckforton. I can see now that they are well worth a trip although a long day out from where I live. Luckily they are on the route between home and where my son is moving to for his PhD in Liverpool so a good excuse to put some miles in! A great route and really pleased to see you out and about again. All the best. Andy

  3. Thanks Andy.
    The line of the Peckforton Hills, as we call them, are often seen on a clear day but not recognised from the high eastern parts of Snowdonia. It’s a nice trail for this modest part of the country and worth stopping for on a journey up this way.

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