Southern Rhinogydd 2-day backpack

Llyn Dulyn, Crib-y-rhiw & Y LlethrA 2-day circuit of the southern Rhinogydd mountains around the Afon Ysgethin valley.

The outward route follows the Afon Ysgethin to Pont Fadog and a section of the Taith Ardudwy (The Ardudwy Way) along the southern flanks of the valley and ascends to the cirque of mountains at the west ridge of Diffwys.

The return from Y Llethr descends via the south-western slopes of Moelyblithcwm to the Llyn Bodlyn track on the northern flank of the valley.

On this trip we took enough food for three days to give a possibility of an exploration of the lakes around Rhinog Fach, the choice being made on the second day depending on the weather and the terrain of the proposed line of the route, but the dull dank conditions of that second morning decreed that the intense effort required would not be worthwhile and we descended directly from Y Llethr. The first day was excellent though with sunshine and good clarity.

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8 thoughts on “Southern Rhinogydd 2-day backpack

  1. My morning inspiration with a nice cup of coffee. Those pics are lovely Geoff, very autumnal. The tent’s now calling from the cupboard, cheers!

  2. A lovely, little trodden area of the Rhinogydd, captured perfectly in your photos, Geoff. I haven’t been to the southern end of the range for a while. Thank you for the inspiration.

  3. Thanks Jim, the first day had excellent photo conditions. It’s 10 years since we were in the range, far too long. We hope to revisit and do a different line next time, also including the section we missed out around Rhinog Fach.

  4. The softer side of the Rhinogs I’m yet to walk but they look fine for backpacking with another good pitch on the ridge (where did you get your water from?)

  5. Very amenable backpacking country. On this route we didn’t know how far we would walk the first day, so we collected enough water on the way up to the ridge from the stream SE of Pont Scethin.

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