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Coleman description:


One of the lightest stoves on the market at 77g, the F1 Lite is compact with 3 pan supports that can be folded and detached. Perfect for extreme trekking when every gram counts.

Comes complete with a lightweight and compact textile carry pouch(11 g).
Operates off Coleman´┐Ż Butane/Propane cartridges 100, 250 or 500
Power: 4,800 watt
Gas outflow: 346 g/h
Size (arms detached): 4.3 x 8 x 5 cm
Weight: 77 g
Boil time: 3 min & under wind conditions: 5 min 40 sec!
Standard Europe: 68 178 Benelux: 68 210

Weight:- the quote is accurate - stove 77g, pouch 11g.


We started with direct screw-in stoves but later switched to a remote tube-connected stove (the Coleman Alpine) due to stability issues, and we were very pleased with it. However recent events forced another critical look at our pack weights, and the difference between the Alpine (451g with pouch) and the F1 (77g, no pouch needed) was too large to justify.


Stove components - 77g

We were already very familiar with the main problem of direct screw-in stoves - stability. The ground is rarely firm or flat and thick springy grass or heather can easily lift up one end of the gas canister and slowly tilt it over. The canister must be bedded quite firmly to support the stove / pan combination, which is top-heavy and starts in unstable equilibrium. All stoves must be closely watched but this type needs particularly careful monitoring on most terrain. We can sometimes use small rocks to help support it.

This really is a backpacker's stove and is all about small size and weight. It comes in two pieces (photo left) which are small enough to fit into convenient crevices in a typical pack, such as the crescent-shaped one in the pan formed by the gas canister. This can make the pouch unnecessary saving a further 11g and is very volume efficient. The two components could be left loosely coupled together for convenience with the pan supports folded, if a suitable protective cavity is available somewhere in the pack. The gas regulator is a weight-saving wire frame rather than a knob, and folds inwards to minimise the risk of damage.

Pouch - 11g

We always disregard the quoted boil times of any stove as so much depends on temperature and other conditions, and we can never compare stoves side by side. As we only use it to boil water and never to cook, we can't comment on its simmering capability. It has no windshield but we never find this a noticeable problem when using it in the tent porch.


Exactly what we expected really - the usual weakness of poor stability, but well worth the effort of getting it firm for the superb low weight and volume.