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Woodcote Walk 1 day / 7miles (11km)

Date: 20 May 2020

Day 1Woodcote Walk6.8miles (10.9km)

Near Broadheath Bridge, the two main apartment buildings of Budenberg, an Urban Splash regeneration project, were inspired by the shape of ocean liners and overhang the canal, at once suggesting the appearance of two large ships in dock with a battleship-grey aesthetic to match. Very unusual and quite appealing in itself (to us anyway) when seen from the canal, but from the road on the opposite side, the entrance is very stark and evokes a prison.

Bridgewater Canal & Budenberg from Broadheath bridge
Bridgewater Canal & Budenberg from Broadheath bridge (20 May 2020__13:13:12)

Much of the open area west of Woodhouses is scrubby heathland and small trees, pleasant today in the sunshine with nobody about but has little to draw the eye. The track passes around a large fenced array of solar panels working overtime today.

Entering Woodcote area
Entering Woodcote area (20 May 2020__13:52:51)

These pools near the Woodcote water treatment plant appear to be excellent wildlife habitats but are surrounded by a stout lattice fence preventing close observation. The camera lens would just about fit in the fence hole for an awkwardly taken shot.
The velvety green area left of centre is not grass, it's part of the pool covered by duckweed and other surface vegetation.

Woodcote pools
Woodcote pools (20 May 2020__14:27:44)

We returned along the disused rail trackbed from Woodcote bridge to exit onto Sinderland Road.

Descending to the trackbed at Woodcote bridge
Descending to the trackbed at Woodcote bridge (20 May 2020__14:35:49)
Sinderland Brook at Woodcote
Sinderland Brook at Woodcote (20 May 2020__14:36:29)