Around Dovedale 2-day backpack

Pitch on Dove CragA short 2-day winter circuit of the fells around Dovedale to the south-west of Brothers Water.

Late starts, short daylight hours and bus timetables greatly limit the possibilities for winter backpacks but the forecast was for clear and very cold days that made this little round most rewarding. We packed the microspikes but didn’t need them, it was so cold on the tops that the thick frost encrusting the rocky landscape was dry and crunchy, not slippery at all. The ice was very patchy and easily avoided despite the recent heavy rains, it also helped considerably with the boggy bits.

The culmination of the round as the light was quickly fading was a superb pitch on Dove Crag.

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6 thoughts on “Around Dovedale 2-day backpack

  1. Thanks Paul.
    Those cold crisp views at dusk and dawn are the best, even better with some snow. At the moment the snow has arrived but no sunny opportunities for a backpack yet.

  2. Spectacular! I really should pull my finger out and do a summit wild camp in winter. I thought this year would be the year but the weather has been so dreadful and the only weekend of cold frosty weather I was on family duty

  3. Thanks again, it’s just as well we had that opportunity given the weather since.
    After this camp we had the usual big ideas for more mid winter pitches when the snow arrived, but of course no opportunities for two or more days in Dec and Jan, and as for Feb… well…

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