CV#02 – Transpennine Trail, Bridgewater Way & Dunham Massey

Dunham MillThe CV lockdown wears on with another three weeks announced this morning. This week has seen excellent clear sunny weather and we did a 5-mile walk on nearly deserted local leafy roads a couple of days ago. Today was our first chance for a longer walk worth a report.

This local circuit follows the Transpennine Trail west from Seamon’s Bridge skirting Heatley and Oughtrington to Lymm, returning on the Bridgewater Way along the canal to Little Bollington and through the National Trust (NT) park of Dunham Massey.

The buildings and gated gardens of NT properties are closed for the lockdown along with their car parks, meaning a very quiet and peaceful experience in the Dunham Massey parkland, but everywhere else, people were out in large numbers in the very warm sunshine, more than we have ever seen before on this route even at the height of a normal summer. Some deft manoeuvres were required at times to maintain distance on the canal towpath.

Full report & photos

2 thoughts on “CV#02 – Transpennine Trail, Bridgewater Way & Dunham Massey

  1. Keep the posts of your walks coming Geoff. In Lockdown land, one of the ways I’m staying sane, is keeping in touch through blogs of what my virtual friends are up to. Seeing these lovely images has put a smile on my face, knowing everyone is safe/well and finding ways to enjoy the sunshine. 🙂

  2. Thanks Andy.
    This is extraordinary weather for April, it would have been perfect for sunny, midge-free backpacking in Scotland somewhere and now look at us!. Anyway we won’t complain, this is good countryside here and we’re more fortunate than many.
    I’m doing the same round of online walk reports and keeping entertained.

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